Raven Skull ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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Product Overview

• Great for theme parties
• Latex mask with holes in the nose, ears and eyes
• Complete aerial mask
• One size fits most adults and teenagers

There is no starker symbol of our own mortality than the skull, that bone which protects every part of our body that truly makes us human. So what could be more fun than to wear one as a mask! The irony of wearing a skull over your head, which has already got a skull inside of it (hopefully), isn’t lost on us.
Our Skull Mask is a very versatile jumping off point for a variety of costume ideas. You could be any number of fictional characters, an undead person in general, or even jolly old Death himself! This detailed latex mask is rife with simulated cracks and dents.

No one will be smiling with this sinister Halloween mask.


WARNING: This product contains natural rubber latex and may cause an allergic reaction.

Recommended for ages 3+


(No reviews yet) Write a Review